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Blue Room

2008-08-25 20:39:43 by renandchi3

Whenever I get Flash, I'm gonna make a dark series called the Blue Room. A room with no exits. I made a quick demo right now with MS Paint. More will be released eventually. It will have about 5-10 episodes, if popular. I will also make a website for it.


Blue Room

New movies are coming!

2008-05-31 14:59:06 by renandchi3

I am going to finally put my Flash movies on NG! Here is a quick teaser of a few of them:

Trivia of Doom: A man's on a math trivia game, but if he gets a problem wrong, he's shot dead!

Dad Suks: Dad was a happy man-until his wife died in a car crash. Why he takes it out on his son, I don't know.

The Hat: A child is kidnapped, and has to use a hat to kill the man who kidnapped him.

FBI case #4623: A superhero is taken by the FBI for testing; the glass box our superhero friend is stored in slowly makes him go mad!

Sqishees VS Timmy The Turtle: A brawl between 5 squishees (a squisshie is that orange thing on my banner) and Timmy the Turtle! Who will win?

Please wait for these movies.

Also, if I bother to learn Actionscript, I may also make Flash games. Here are a few:

Triangle Dodge: 100 levels of flying around deadly triangles; the last level is practically impossible!

Apple Shootout: An apple with a gun; Shoot yor enimies dead!

Please note I may not make any games at all.
Stay tuned!

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Timmy the Turtle!!!

2008-05-21 23:50:08 by renandchi3


Timmy the Turtle!!!